Tattooed Ladies

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In my very first post, I mentioned that one of the jars I’ve collaged as a centerpiece is themed with tattooed ladies from the 20s. Since then, I’ve run across some stunning images of brides baring their body art. This top one is my absolute favorite! Just a beautifully composed picture with a hint of mystery.


I don’t have any tattoos myself, but my fascination with them has grown since the day I met Cesar. Before I met him, I knew very few people with visible tattoos, and of those few people, even fewer had tattoos that I actually liked. I’m picky about subject matter, execution, scale, and placement: 1″ can influence whether I like your tattoo or not. And one detail that I omitted from Our Story was that the second thing I noticed about Cesar (after his smile) was a bit of tattooed filigree peeking out from the top of his shirt collar. The slightest evidence of a really amazing tattoo piqued my curiosity: I wanted to get to know this guy.


Furthermore, living in Brooklyn and taking the L train from Jefferson to 8th Avenue everyday provides ample opportunity to view a wide assortment of tattoo styles and subjects. It’s basically like living in an art museum.


So I love that brides are not only showing their art, but featuring it as an element of their bridal fashion. Very cool.


I Wanna Blog! I Want. To. Blog.

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I was channeling Twisted Sister on this post title because I have an unusual amount of writing energy at the moment.  I’m going to practice self control, though, and funnel it down into something digestible, rather than the wedding blog stew that’s swirling in my brain.

If you’ve been following me over the last couple of weeks, you know that I spend a lot of time surfing the various wedding blogs.  I do it not only because I’m planning my wedding, but also because I am incredibly intrigued by this new vehicle for spreading both information and inspiration.   In addition, I started my own blog because while surfing some of my favorites, I was repeatedly thinking: “I could do this.  I WANT to do this.  With enough practice, I could be stellar at this!”

So I created this inspiration board and sample post for a top secret mission.  Okay, it’s not top secret.  I submitted it to my favorite blog in hopes of obtaining a coveted assistant editor position.  But I like how it turned out, so I figured, “Even though most of my readers have seen all of these images throughout my posts, why deprive them of a perfectly good inspiration board?”  So here it is, along with the accompanying text for my sample post entitled INSPIRATION: Green Accents.

Please enjoy and wish me luck on the assistant editor position!

INSPIRATION: Green Accents

Green is so much more than just a color.  Green is fresh and healthy.  It’s the color of new and emerging life.  Green means go!  It is an approach to developing a gentler relationship with the environment around us.  Green is also the color of envy (as in the world will envy the luscious green textures and accents of a lime or emerald wedding).

Whatever green means to you, it is a fantastic accent color for a wedding.  And it’s my color of choice for this inspiration board.  Clockwise from top left:

The infamous Fiesole, from Reverie by Melissa Sweet, as seen on Style Me Pretty.  Find out why it’s infamous here.

Voluminous floral pom-poms in a small shop in New York’s Floral District.  Photographed by Yours Truly.

United Nude’s Cup Pump in a zesty green with two-tone heel.

I love the green peeking through this bride’s handmade dress!  Her wedding was featured on 100 Layer Cake, and my jaw hit the floor when I read that she crocheted each of the doilies that make up the overlay in just three weeks!

These bulbous plants, lined up by size, reminded me of Russian dolls.  Also photographed by Yours Truly, in the Floral District.

Sage rings, found on Etsy, could serve as bridesmaid’s gifts for the budget conscious lass.

Simple, understated design makes for a fantastic downloadable wedding invitation kit.  From e.m.papers’s Etsy shop.

Unrelated Crafts

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Cesar and I tend to save bits of interesting things all the time. We are both the kind of people who think, “I could do something with that interesting thing.” Tonight I decided it was time to see what I could make with one of the coins we saved from our trip to Japan. While the ring is way too big and a little dirty (I didn’t clean the wire or the coin before putting it together), it was really fun to make.

I also decided to do something with all the beverage can pull tabs Cesar brought home from China a couple months ago. So I made the triangle of chain mail below. I’m going to make a necklace out of it. Eventually.

Floral district

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How have I never explored the floral district in the three years I’ve spent in New York? There are so many bits and baubles to contemplate. I might have to incorporate some of these things into my centerpieces.

Short Column Scores Again

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No words

And she's not even worried about grass stains.

I think you catch my drift on this one.

One more for the short column

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Look at this dress!  I saw this Australian wedding posted on Green Wedding Shoes today.  Another argument for the Fiesole.

And Loubitons

Not a matching bride's maid in sight. I like that.

Green at United Nude

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Here’s another brand Loren introduced me to.  She is my shoe guru.

More facets than a diamond

Comes in 4" too, if I have a death wish

Cool tri-tone

Mind bending

Flats for when feet give out?

Shoes that would necessitate a short dress for maximum viewing time.  Hmmm …

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