Dress Trials Part Deux

August 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

The hardest part about planning a wedding in Brooklyn is making sure my family in Colorado still feels connected to the process.  (This blog is intended to bridge that gap.)  So my mom and I decided that while I was in town for a long weekend, we should go dress shopping.  And we did a LOT of shopping today.

We started at Bea’s Bridal Nook where I tried this cute short trumpet dress:

Really fun, but I looked like a kid, not a bride

The sample was on sale off the rack, which was incredibly enticing.  The dress was also very flattering and easy to move in.  I was nearly sold, but I didn’t feel my age in it, nor did I feel like a bride.  So falling back on my shopping rule, I decided to move on and if I was still thinking about it the next day, I’d go back for it.  I tried a few more on at Bea’s but I don’t remember the designers, which means they weren’t the right dress.

We moved on to Priscilla of Boston.  I would highly recommend making an appointment at this salon.  Their median price is a little high, but they do carry some moderately priced dresses and discontinued items that I believe were marked down.  Overall, the dresses are very beautiful, sophisticate, and are all made from high quality silks and laces.  If fabric is important (read: polyester gowns makes your eyes bleed and your skin crawl), Priscilla of Boston is a good retailer with lots of locations across the country.

Taylor dress at Priscilla of Boston

The first dress was a short one, much closer to what I wanted in a short dress than the Robert Bullock.  More mature, a little more formal, but still comfortable and free.  The drawback?  The dress was incredibly noisy with all the layers of taffeta and tulle.

Lite by Melissa Sweet

This one was fine.  But it wasn’t anything special on me.

Leighton by Melissa Sweet

I did like this one a lot.  The beading was subtle, the fit was flattering, the fabrics were light and airy.

Tilda by Melissa Sweet

I loved this one too!  Really beautiful lace and details.

And then …

By any chance, do you remember this image I posted on Tumblr a while back?

Fiesole from Reverie by Melissa Sweet

It was a dress that I had seen on multiple blogs, it always caught my eye, I always clicked through to see what it was, but I never remembered that it was the same dress I had clicked on ten times before?  Well the same was true when I came across it in person.  Maya, my consultant, asked me to pick four dresses to start with (I picked five), and I loved the texture of this one when I saw it on the hanger.  It wasn’t until I had it on and was standing in front of the triple mirror that I realized I had seen it before … and loved, lurved, loaved, and loffed it.  I didn’t want to take it off because it fit perfectly, the rouched trim was super soft, and the hem hit at a great spot on my legs.  It’s got the 50s feel I want and looks great with a birdcage veil.  Plus it has pockets!  I have wanted a dress with pockets since the day I started looking.

When I sent Cesar the all the pictures my dad took at Priscilla, I didn’t tell him the Fiesole was my favorite because I didn’t want to sway his opinion.  But turns out it’s his favorite too!  If fate exists, it’s been trying to tell me this is my dress.

Of course, I had two more shops to visit, and there is a Priscilla’s in New York, so it didn’t make sense to move forward with this one just yet.

The next shop was Amanda’s Bridal and Tux.  A nice family owned and operated retailer.  But it was another polyester palace.  Nothing for me there, even though I tried four dresses on just to be absolutely certain.

Last but not least, we visited Anna-be Bridal Boutique (such a beautiful store with cute and creative decor) where I got to try a couple Vera Wangs.  Trying on a Vera Wang is like getting into Cameron’s dad’s Ferarri:  I didn’t want to get out of it and I wanted to take it for a spin around the city.  “It is so choice.  If you have the means I highly recommend picking one up.”  Indeed Ferris, indeed.

Erin by Vera Wang

So, so beautiful.

Estelle by Vera Wang

I got to impress my consultant with my fabric knowledge when I tried this layered organza and horsehair dress on.  I loved this one too.

Next I tried on a beautiful Junko Yoshioka dress.  I can’t find a picture of it, but the designer’s salon is in Soho, so check them out.  The dresses are gorgeous.

Lastly, I tried two Jenny Yoo’s, which were very similar in silhouette and feel to the Sarah Seven dresses I tried at Lovely.  They felt great, but like the Sarah Sevens, they weren’t good for my body.  But they were incredibly affordable and chic.  Worth taking a look at.

And that wraps up a whirlwind day of dress shopping.  I had so much fun with my parents and only wish Cesar could have come along.  But it will be fun to make him wait to see me dressed in person.


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