Dresses Part Three: It just keeps getting better

August 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

A little bit origami, no?

The experiences I’ve been having while dress shopping have determined for me that I will not be making my wedding dress.  I’ll make my veil, maybe a floral brooch or belt.   But when you try on a dress that is essentially perfect for you, in a bridal shop you want to live in, with the designer sitting next to your fiance and carrying on a casual conversation, how can you pass it up?

I thought my first visit to Lovely Bridal Shop was amazing, but today’s visit knocked my socks off!  I made the appointment after seeing an announcement of Carol Hannah’s trunk show on Lovely’s blog.  If you’re a Project Runway fan, you remember Carol Hannah from Season Six.

The announcement came a couple weeks ago, and after the day of shopping I had with my parents last week, I almost didn’t keep the appointment.  But holy crap am I glad I did!   Since I’d never been to a trunk show before, I didn’t know what exactly to expect.  Certainly, I didn’t expect Carol Hannah to be there in person, or to get any kind of personal attention from her as I tried on her dresses.  Nor did I expect to find a dress that would give the Fiesole a serious run for it’s money.  But the Legare Street Dress has done just that.  It still has the 50s feel I want, but it’s a bit more streamlined, with all of the interest concentrated in the textured hem (resembling origami, a great link to the centerpieces), which falls just at my knees.  So there’s more leg (and shoe!) to show off.  The clean lines at the neck also mean I can pile on some jewelry without looking too much like a sugary confection.

There was also an incredible long option in Carol Hannah’s collection.  Meet the Beaufain Street Dress.

Pure 40s Glamor

While I think I’ve made the commitment to go with a short dress in order to maximize my mobility and enjoyment of the day, this gown is exquisite.  And though I generally try to remain humble and modest, I have to say that the dress looked amazing on me.  Even better than it looks on the model in the picture.  Or maybe it just made me feel incredible.  And look at the train!  Wow!  So gorgeous!

Two-toned cascading ruffles

I wish my appointment had been earlier in the weekend so I could urge any of you New York brides-to-be to catch the trunk show before it leaves Lovely.  But it sounds like the dresses will return for a longer stay in a couple of months.  If you’re interested, though, check out her online store and keep an eye out for a trunk show near you.  I hope you all have the great fortune of meeting this amazing designer.  She’s got a great eye, a great aesthetic, and she is unbelievably friendly.  And this is only the beginning of her career!  I can’t help but think that there is some incredible success awaiting her.

What a great day!!  Thanks Carol Hannah!  And thanks again, Lovely!!


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