Awesome things to find on Bedford Avenue

September 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Whether you love or hate Bedford Avenue and the hipster/yupster culture that makes a breeding ground of the straightaway, it is undeniable that there are some fantastic items to be found in it’s boutiques and vintage stores.  One of my favorites is Ugly Luggage.  The inventory changes frequently, so there’s no risk of boredom.  I found a really cool vintage projector there last year for Cesar’s birthday.  The shop owner told me it was a rare style, as the slides progressed with the push of a lever.  He called it the toaster of projectors.  And because I mentioned I was buying it for a photographer and antique camera enthusiast, he threw in as many free slides as I wanted.  All vacation slides dating back to the fifties and sixties.  In short, it’s a great shopping experience over at Ugly Luggage.

If you’re into retro decor for your wedding, it’s also a great place to find the unique props that are so popular these days: vintage typewriters, old cameras, etc.  Here are some things that I found particularly interesting today.

Not super-duper old, but I love the color.

So many to choose from! Luggage is never in short supply of cool cameras.

Use cigar boxes for centerpieces, or leave them stacked on the guestbook table.

Sprinkle the collected items at will, or use the filled jars as decoration.

Find some numbers for your tables or spell something out for your photos.

Hmmm ... what could you do with this? Who cares! It's just cool!

I’m going to end with an amazing find at Catbird, also on Bedford.  I headed over to check out some wedding bands I had seen on Green Wedding Shoes and stumbled upon — Gaaahhh!!!! — origami lily earrings!!!  So very, very cool.

Aahhhhh!!!! I want these!!!!!

Anyhoo … find a day to explore the shops on Bedford.  Wander down some side streets, too, because the charm of Williamsburg is not relegated to one avenue.


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