The Big Reveal

September 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

As you know, if you’ve been reading closely, I have kept Cesar very much involved in the wedding dress process.  On my solo visits to bridal shops, I pulled out the old iphone and made whoever was near me take a picture that I could send to him later.  And when we could go together, we did!  I never thought twice about getting his input.  He’s got a great eye for style and fit, and our mutual interest in fashion is one of the many elements that brought us together in the first place.  Getting dressed each day and talking about our personal styles plays a huge role in our relationship.  So why wouldn’t I want to know what he thought before I shelled out a ton o’ cash for the dress he’ll get to stare at for an entire day?

I realize, however, that my line of thought is not necessarily the norm.  Some couples follow the traditional line of thought about being seen before the ceremony, and some men want nothing to do with the shopping process.  As a result, we got some mixed reactions from the consultants we visited together.  There was the great disdain from the woman at Saks, the total acceptance from the Lovely ladies, and the utter awkwardness from the all-sales woman at Manhattan’s Priscilla of Boston.  In that last visit to Priscilla, I asked the consultant if it was still very unusual for the fiance to attend the appointment with his bride.  She stated that it is a rising trend, but as I said, still not the norm.

I’m curious to know from fellow brides(and grooms)-to-be, as well as you ladies (and gents) who have already entered into matrimony, where you stand on the issue.


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§ 2 Responses to The Big Reveal

  • Abbey says:

    I fall into the ‘no’ category, not because of the superstition factor, but because of the surprise. D. and I spent the entire day before our wedding together assembling the production – although slept in different places the previous night! Who knows why!

    I think that’s such a cool part about weddings though, finding which traditions speak to your heart and scrapping the ones that don’t. It’s so great that Cesar was involved in the process with you, and obvs something very special you two share 🙂

  • Bethany says:

    I try to give Nick as much free reign as possible. He doesn’t have a lot of opinions on a lot of things wedding-related. So when he pipes up, I try to listen! This is one thing he felt strongly about – he doesn’t want to see me the entire day! Which I think is sort of cute and charming. And his mom is really excited about me wearing a veil down the aisle and then my dad taking it off and “unveiling me” before he gives me to Nick. This sounds very old-fashioned, but I think there is something about it that sort of thrills me. It’s true – my dad, in the sweetest way possible, is handing over the responsibility – Nick will now be my caretaker, best friend, and partner in all things. Plus, I think it will be an emotional, dramatic moment. BUT since I’m making my dress and I am the ultimate show-and-teller, it is SO hard to keep it to myself! Plus I have to work on it in secret as opposed to spending time with my honey.

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