How to wear a dress

October 27, 2010 § 2 Comments

We (men and women, but in this context, women specifically) are so quick to assess the worst parts of our own bodies.  And there is very little hope that, once we’ve decided what we hate about frames, a detested body part can be transformed into a valued asset simply through the encouragement of an outsider’s opinion.  This makes the process of shopping for a wedding gown exceedingly difficult for the bride as well as the bridal consultant.

Many a bride has already made up her mind before trying anything on that a clingy sheath will look terrible on her because in her opinion (or a devious bridesmaid’s) her hips are huge, or a strapless dress will fall down because she has nothing up top to hold it in place.  But here’s the thing: you(I) are(am) not the first bride ever.  Wedding gown designers know what they are doing.  (Ignore for a minute that there are indeed bad bridal gown designers and let’s pretend they’re all flawless)  They’ve dressed a self-conscious bride or two and know how to turn the saddlebags you hate into stunning curves.

I came across a photo of a bride wearing a dress I’ve put on several brides, all of whom looked amazing, and all of whom balked because they zoned in on imperfections that were completely invisible to anyone who could see her in all three dimensions.  How do you wear this dress?  Like this:

I love this fabric. It's liquidy. Yeah, liquidy.

I am so happy to see a real woman wear this dress like a champion.

Ahhhh!!! So good!

I know it’s tricky to choose.  You don’t want to buy solely because the six women you brought with you gasped as you walked out of the fitting room in a voluminous ballgown.  Especially when you’re more of a short cocktail lady.  But!  If you expected to be a ballgown girl who has hated every ballgown you’ve tried on, and then put on a cocktail dress, and all six ladies gasp or even cry, and you love the way you feel in it, you better not refuse to buy the dress because you think you have cankles.

Nobody cares, and nobody is looking at your “belly donut” because they’re too distracted by the fact that you’re a bride!  And you’re getting married!


DIY Goodness on Ruffled

October 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

So Ruffled had a DIY contest a couple weeks ago and the results have been posted over the last few days.  There has been some cute stuff, but most of it has not been my style, or I just felt ‘meh’ about it.  But I saw the image below and thought this was one project I could certainly use:

Could be cool to create a tower of differently sized frames!

Cesar and I have also been considering the cupcake route.  I found Sugar Sweet Sunshine through some blog or other and thought their prices and flavors sounded great, but didn’t like the cupcake towers on which the cupcakes get displayed.  But wouldn’t it be cool to create a tower out of frames?  If only I’d bought all of those wooden spools I saw at Junk a few weeks ago!  They could have been the legs between the tower tiers!

Speaking of good  cupcakes, the Costume Collection was gifted with some superb cupcakes yesterday.  The sticker on the box read “Double D-Lish Cupcakes.”  So I immediately googled it.  Turns out it’s not a bakery (shocking since they were sooooooo good and beautifully packaged), but one woman/actress/cupcake-baker.  I gotta investi-mi-gate her.


October 21, 2010 § 2 Comments

While home in August, I was talking with my parents about their wedding photos.  They love the photos for the memories captured, but display the slightest hint of chagrin at the style (it was the late 70s, after all).  I, on the other hand, love their wedding album because the photos feel so authentically 1979.  Ladies in peach, gents in powder blue (with ruffle front tux shirts … yes).  And the hazy exposure is an effect some of today’s digital photographers intentionally apply to their t00-perfect images as an afterthought.  People work hard to take digital products back to those days when a good photo took a lot of skill twice: once in the initial framing, focusing and exposure, and again in development … of film?  What’s that?

Photography is a highly accessible art form these days, but I do think it takes a lot of skill, still, if a photographer wants his/her images to stand out in the sea of digital excess.  And Cesar and I want … nay, need! … good photos of our wedding.  I don’t care if our fashions are outrageously embarrassing in 30 years, as long as the colors are vibrant, the angles are intriguing, the moments are candid, and the lighting is clever.  So I’ve been researching photographers and have found a few that I think would capture Cesar and I in the correct manner.


One group that I am very interested in is Love Me Do Photography.  This is the group responsible for what could be my favorite Real Wedding image of all time! You’ll likely remember it from a previous post.  I can’t even talk about this photo anymore.  It’s completely unreal.  I want photos like this that we can show our kids someday, just in case we (I) get even dorkier with age.

More evidence of Love Me Do’s brilliance:

We really need a dog.

I have also been looking at Sweet Little Photographs, who coincidentally do a lot of Lovely’s photography.

Then there are the options I already know are out of the question for budgetary reasons.

4Eyes Photography:

So colorful!

And Unusually Fine:

They got me with the origami. Go figure.

I am always open to suggestions, too, if any of you know a superb New York photographer with sensible prices.  Of course, Cesar and I will have our cameras on hand, too.  Cuz you can’t have too many photos, especially when we like taking them too!  (That’s too many toos!)

My new favorite Badgley Mischka

October 20, 2010 § 1 Comment

There is a dress named Kiki that I can’t help but touch every day that I’m at Lovely.  You may have seen it before, but here’s a reminder:

You try keeping your hands off that skirt.

Kiki has been my favorite dress at Lovely, and my favorite Badgley Mischka dress by far (note: the sample at Lovely has a straight waist which I prefer over the shaped waist above).

Until now:

All the original glamour in a short dress?!

I don’t know the name of this abbreviated Kiki, but I love it!!  So far this is the only dress that has even come close to stirring the teeniest, tiniest, microscopic-est hint of doubt about my own dress.   Which I’m actually over already after typing a long sentence.  But still!  Isn’t this dress awesome!?!

Others’ Colors

October 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

I love the Team Zissou color scheme of this bridal party.

Bright primaries always cath my eye.

More dresses from Bridal Market

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On my way home from Lovely, I was trying to figure out why, after 26 years of dedicating myself to all things low-maintenance, I am suddenly and willingly enveloped in the overwhelmingly high-maintenance, girly world of all-things-bridal.  But I think I starved myself of girly things for so long that I am now binging on the goods that I previously refused to have anything to do with.  I grew up with a brother, had to change the channel to the football game every Sunday when I wanted to watch MTV or TLC, was always fairly unsuccessful at maintaining strong friendships with girls, and never indulged in envisioning myself as a bride.

Whatever!  Now I am allowed and I like dresses!  I like pretty!  I like texture!  I like femininity!  And the symbolism of a white dress is only archaic if you allow it to be.  So here are four new dresses from this week’s Bridal Market.  And I love them.  Still not as much as MY dress, though.  Thanks, Project Wedding, for the runway coverage.

Another textured nude that I find pleasing, if slightly unflattering. Flatter Shmatter.

Even more gorgeous in person! Yeah, I saw it in person!!

Texture ... more texture!

Stretched out texture.

Surprise! Runway Show.

October 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today ended with a pleasant surprise!  I attended my first ever runway show.  “For whom?” you may ask.

For Priscilla of Boston: bridesmaids and all of the designer lines represented at Priscilla.  What’s in store at Priscilla for 2011?  Lots of rhinestones.  Lots of floral lace.  LOTS of volume.  There was a strong nod to the 60s in the hair and makeup, which I found to be fun on some of the models, and severely aging on others.  My favorite surprise piece was in fact two pieces: a lacy, bedazzled romper with a removable organza ball gown skirt.  It would take a gutsy lady to wear it down the aisle since you can see the hot-pant length romper through the sheer skirt, but I thought it was original and fun.  Even if the jury is out on rompers in daily life, I do like this idea on the right lady and in the right wedding.

I tried taking a few photos of the action, but the iphone only does so much to capture movement in low light.


The early crowd.



Dress specs and floral favors.



Volume and texture. I actually love this image.



The final strut.


A good way to end a long (successful!) Saturday.

P.S.  I still haven’t seen one dress to make me regret my purchase 😉

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