A Fantas-great Sunday

October 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

I awoke more refreshed than I’ve been in months after getting twelve straight hours of sleep.  That’s probably more than I got in the entire first week that Cesar was in Finland.  I took my time getting ready for my shift at Lovely and ran into a tiny bump as I headed out the door: another consultant had a last minute emergency and I was asked to work from noon till closing.  Trouble was the time was already 11:15 and the L train wasn’t running at all.  But I wasn’t going to worry: I’d discovered on Saturday evening that rerouting via the M train saved time and my sanity during the tumultuous “Planned Service Change” weekend.  I said, “I’ll get there when I get there, and I’ll work as long as I can.”

I got there in good time and had really fantastic appointments all day long, starting with a girl who went to Cherry Creek High School!  The world gets smaller and smaller every day.  I also had my first couple appointment with a fun girl named Lisa and her fiance.  You can probably guess that I was super happy to work with them, since Cesar and I shopped together for my dress, too.  I had such a great time with them, and watching the fiance’s face each time Lisa walked out of the fitting room was priceless.  He had a permanent smile affixed to his face, and you could plainly see the adoration for his future wife.  At one point he said, “I’m completely useless,” because he loved the way she looked in every dress.

As I helped Lisa change from one dress to another, she showed me her breathtaking ring and told me about Doyle and Doyle, Lower East Side antique and estate jewelers.  I checked them out and found unbelievably gorgeous engagement rings and wedding bands.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

On my wishlist! Six diamonds on one finger is okay, right?

Our rings wouldn't match at all, but neither does our furniture.

I’m showing them to Cesar as soon as he wakes up.  Okay, maybe I’ll wait till after breakfast.  But then!  Showing him!

When things calmed down in the afternoon, I was told I received a card in the Lovely mail.  I opened up the cute red envelop with a beautiful silver floral screen print on the flap, and discovered a thank you note from Claire, the wonderful woman who bought her “dream dress” with me last week.  She said she had a great shopping experience with me, and that just made me feel so good and satisfied.  Things can get overwhelming in bridal land so easily, both as the bride and as the consultant, I’m discovering.  So to get feedback like that let’s me know that I’m doing a good job and the seven day work weeks are totally worth it.

The rest of the day went swimmingly.  I didn’t have a single bad appointment, and all of the ladies seemed to have a great time trying out unexpectedly pleasing dresses.  Then it was time to FINALLY head home to Cesar.  I buzzed with excitement all the way and was ready to jump out of the moving shuttle bus before it came to a complete stop at Jefferson.  I would have run up the stairs, but I’d been climbing stairs all day with handfuls of dresses, so my body decided to slow me down a little bit.  I finally made it through the door, though, and into his arms.  And now my happiness at his return keeps me from sleeping.  But it’s totally okay because we’re taking a three day at-home vacation.  I got nowhere to be tomorrow and no reason to sleep anyway 🙂

Hope you all had an equally fantas-great Sunday!


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