More dresses from Bridal Market

October 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

On my way home from Lovely, I was trying to figure out why, after 26 years of dedicating myself to all things low-maintenance, I am suddenly and willingly enveloped in the overwhelmingly high-maintenance, girly world of all-things-bridal.  But I think I starved myself of girly things for so long that I am now binging on the goods that I previously refused to have anything to do with.  I grew up with a brother, had to change the channel to the football game every Sunday when I wanted to watch MTV or TLC, was always fairly unsuccessful at maintaining strong friendships with girls, and never indulged in envisioning myself as a bride.

Whatever!  Now I am allowed and I like dresses!  I like pretty!  I like texture!  I like femininity!  And the symbolism of a white dress is only archaic if you allow it to be.  So here are four new dresses from this week’s Bridal Market.  And I love them.  Still not as much as MY dress, though.  Thanks, Project Wedding, for the runway coverage.

Another textured nude that I find pleasing, if slightly unflattering. Flatter Shmatter.

Even more gorgeous in person! Yeah, I saw it in person!!

Texture ... more texture!

Stretched out texture.


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