How to wear a dress

October 27, 2010 § 2 Comments

We (men and women, but in this context, women specifically) are so quick to assess the worst parts of our own bodies.  And there is very little hope that, once we’ve decided what we hate about frames, a detested body part can be transformed into a valued asset simply through the encouragement of an outsider’s opinion.  This makes the process of shopping for a wedding gown exceedingly difficult for the bride as well as the bridal consultant.

Many a bride has already made up her mind before trying anything on that a clingy sheath will look terrible on her because in her opinion (or a devious bridesmaid’s) her hips are huge, or a strapless dress will fall down because she has nothing up top to hold it in place.  But here’s the thing: you(I) are(am) not the first bride ever.  Wedding gown designers know what they are doing.  (Ignore for a minute that there are indeed bad bridal gown designers and let’s pretend they’re all flawless)  They’ve dressed a self-conscious bride or two and know how to turn the saddlebags you hate into stunning curves.

I came across a photo of a bride wearing a dress I’ve put on several brides, all of whom looked amazing, and all of whom balked because they zoned in on imperfections that were completely invisible to anyone who could see her in all three dimensions.  How do you wear this dress?  Like this:

I love this fabric. It's liquidy. Yeah, liquidy.

I am so happy to see a real woman wear this dress like a champion.

Ahhhh!!! So good!

I know it’s tricky to choose.  You don’t want to buy solely because the six women you brought with you gasped as you walked out of the fitting room in a voluminous ballgown.  Especially when you’re more of a short cocktail lady.  But!  If you expected to be a ballgown girl who has hated every ballgown you’ve tried on, and then put on a cocktail dress, and all six ladies gasp or even cry, and you love the way you feel in it, you better not refuse to buy the dress because you think you have cankles.

Nobody cares, and nobody is looking at your “belly donut” because they’re too distracted by the fact that you’re a bride!  And you’re getting married!


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§ 2 Responses to How to wear a dress

  • Bethany says:

    Excellent points, Julie, all. But I have to say in the above photos I think the model is slouching a bit…. nothing like standing up straight with a beaming smile to ooze confidence and glamour.

    • Julie McCabe says:

      Also a good point! But in her defense, she’s a bride in the moment on her wedding day, not a model posing for an editorial. There’s a very specific mood being created. And I still think she looks great, completely at ease in a dress many ladies are scared to wear. Plus I’m guilty of terrible posture almost all the time, so I can’t say anything about anybody else’s stance 🙂

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