Photography Mission

January 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

We want:

a.  A photographer with a good eye for composition and quick to capture important moments.  As two artists/designers/what-have-you, quality will be important.

b.  Someone who has a keen editing eye.  To each her own, but I do not like photos with the washed out or faded look that is attempting to give a vintage feel, but really just looks like they dialed up the brightness and dialed down the saturation.

c.  Hi-res images with printing rights.

d. 6-8 hours of coverage.

e.  Points a-e for $2,500 or less.


a.  Custom designed albums.

b.  Engagement or day after sessions.

c.  A photobooth (we’ll take care of that on our own, thanks.)

d.  A second shooter.  We’re in the smaller of two spaces at the Metropolitan Building, with 100 or fewer (most likely fewer) guests.

Why does it always happen that some of my favorite images come from Australia-based photographers? Like Leo Farrell.


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