Beautiful coming and going

February 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Who steps into a wedding gown and immediately asks, “How does the back look?” A bride wants to stare at herself head on in order to decide if it is right for her. It takes a third party to provide feedback on the rear view. The oft neglected perspective will be receiving a hefty percentage of wedding day attention, though, and demands careful consideration.

Growing up Catholic, I sat through multiple ceremonies that included a full length Mass. It was the early 90s, which included a very special breed of wedding gown, and my short seven-year-old attention span could not handle an hour of staring at voluminous polyester poufs over long lace sleeves and an explosion of a veil. Things might have been different if I’d been looking at the back of a Claire Pettibone clad bride. So for any bride that intends to have a ceremony in which the witnesses will be staring at your back for long periods of time, please consider a Claire Pettibone dress. Especially if there are children present.

For the record, these ladies do not come cheap. We’re talking the $5,000 bracket. But like Ferris says, “If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.” I think I also used that in reference to a Vera Wang I tried on. I’m sure I’ll use it again, too.


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