Vera for the Masses

February 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

My friend Nicole sent me a message yesterday with a great idea for a post.  It got me thinking …

Let’s pretend 2010 had taken a different course and I was not yet engaged, nor had I ever set foot in a bridal shop or even glanced at a bridal blog.  Let’s pretend all of that was to come in 2011.  Chances are I would have a different opinion of David’s Bridal if I were to visit for the first time this July, rather than last July.   Why?  Because at the end of next week, David’s Bridal will begin carrying a new line: White by Vera Wang.  With all the high end design elements intact, you will be able to purchase a Vera Wang gown for no more than $1,400.00.  If you’ve ever put a couture Vera dress on your body, this concept is shocking.

But Vera, along with a select few of her designer colleagues, believes that good design should be within everyone’s reach.  A beautiful wedding dress that will transport you to another plane of being should not be reserved for only those who “have the means” of “picking one up.”  And she’s demonstrated this belief before with her line Simply Vera at Kohl’s.  The principle here is the same: for the ease of mass production some details are simplified, a standard size grid is established, and the option for customization is eliminated.  With a mass product, dresses can be kept in stock at retail locations rather than crafted upon ordering.  And while there is no evidence just yet, I am sure fabric content plays a key role in the dramatic price difference.  The collection is described on the David’s Bridal website as being constructed from “a wide range of fabrics such as lace, tulle, taffeta satin faced organza, organza, crinkle chiffon, charmeuse, and bobbin net.”  But this says nothing of the fiber choice.  I would say with 99% confidence that all White by Vera Wang dresses will be almost completely crafted of polyester (this is indeed one difference between her runway looks and the Simply line at Kohl’s).  But with designs from the master, who really cares?  I wouldn’t even balk at wearing a polyester Vera.  Not for a sliver of a second.



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