Happy BHLDN Day! I mean … Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

A little bit 40s

By 7:30am I had already skimmed through all the gowns, shoes, and lingerie at BHLDN.  If you haven’t seen my posts from the last few weeks, BHLDN is the new bridal line from the people who gave us Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Free People.  I have to say, with a measure of relief, that while I found everything to be as lovely as one would expect from such a family tree, there was nothing unexpected.  That is to say, nothing made me exclaim, “If only I had waited to buy my dress!”  Although there is one dress that I find to be, if not directly influenced by the one I picked, uncannily similar.  It would undoubtedly be the one I’d choose if I were still in the market for a frock.  See if you can pick it out.

But enough about me and my needs.  Certainly check the site out whether your shopping for a gown, bridesmaids dress, accessories, or inspiration.  All of the above are represented in abundance.  My favorite feature is the gallery of “Nuptials of Yesteryear,” in which you can find wedding photos from the turn-of to mid-20th century.

Some first dance inspiration and a train to rule them all.

Proof that brides have always looked better with a sense of humor.

And if you’re brand new to the engagement game, BHLDN will help you decide what kind of bride you want to be, then curate a selection of products you might like.  I just had to double check my results, and according to BHLDN, I’m on the right track.

Love the huge fascinator.

Lots to look at and fun to explore, the anxiously awaited site did not disappoint (with either too little beauty or so much that it would give rise to regret).  Check it out.


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§ 2 Responses to Happy BHLDN Day! I mean … Valentine’s Day!

  • YoJess says:

    Hi! We have a lot in common…. including our dress. And I for one am totally livid about the BHLDN knock-off. I thought I was being non-traditional, but now I fear I’ll be one of MANY. Wah.

    • Julie McCabe says:

      I felt a twinge of that at first, too, but I’m beginning to believe that non-traditional looks are becoming the new tradition. At least twice a week I come up with what I think is a completely original idea for an accessory or veil or piece of decor, and a few days later I see a blog post showing me that someone else has already done it! But the thing I keep telling myself is that even if five other brides had the same look on their wedding day, I’ll be the only one with that look on my day with my family and friends celebrating the love my fiance and I share.

      I say if lots of ladies choose the same dress, whether it’s the original or BHLDN’s, it’s because we all have great taste! Style the hell out of it on your day, own it, and no one can possibly call you one of many.

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