At home in Brooklyn

March 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

A little self-reflective, non-wedding related post:

New developments abound here at home in our Bushwick loft apartment.  One of which is that the loft itself is now legally registered as a residential unit.  If you know the background of lofts in New York City, which I certainly didn’t know before moving into one, you know that there has been a lot of to-do over the last year as long-time loft tenants and their local government representatives have lobbied to have the loft law, originally drafted in the 80s (I think) to cover the artists lofts in Soho, extend its coverage and protection to lofts in all industrial zones of New York City.  The amendment passed last summer, and loft tenants have been organizing all across the city in the hopes that their building would receive coverage and they would attain the benefits other city residents enjoy, such as rent regulation and increased rights if they went to court against their landlords.

Cesar and I tried to actively attend meetings, but quickly realized that our building’s situation was far different than others, like the McKibben lofts.  Our building was converted years ago, however illegally, into very livable and safe, lovely apartments.  We did not have nightmare stories of walls or ceilings potentially crashing down around us, or evident fire hazards in the halls.  So the meetings stopped being informative for us.  The uniqueness of our situation was further evinced when we found out our landlords voluntarily registered our building and our unit, whereas others have had to organize their neighbors and hire lawyers to butt heads with their landlords on the issue of registering.  The only thing that we may need to be wary of now is whether our landlord has plans to further modify our apartment, building out interior rooms and potentially diminishing our usable space.

The biggest implication of this development is that we can continue to live in our wonderful apartment knowing that rent increases will have to follow standard residential guidelines.  As a big worry wart, that was something that was in the back of my mind when thinking about the end of our lease, which falls two weeks before our wedding.  It also had me concerned because, as some of you may know, I have left my full time job to pursue new endeavors.  I do not quite know yet what they will be, but considering my last day on the job was Friday, I’m staying calm and reminding myself that I need to embrace the uncomfortable if I’m going to find a more satisfying professional avenue that will present opportunities for growth and achievement.  So if your looking for a costume designer, stylist, bridal consultant, crafts person, paper centerpiece maker, graphic designer, stitcher, tailor, or blogger, here I am!


§ 2 Responses to At home in Brooklyn

  • Bethany says:

    Julie! Congratulations on this tremendous move! I have to admit my eyes just welled up with tears here in my little cubicle because I couldn’t help but feel envious of your courage to find what you love. Way to go!

    • Julie McCabe says:

      The move definitely comes with an ample dose of nerves and uncertainty, but I had to do it 🙂 It’s going to take time and a lot of work to find what’s right for me, but the only way I’m going to accomplish that task is to start it.

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