The Registry Conundrum

March 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

How do you put together a registry when you and your future spouse have lived together for a time and you have all of your home goods stocked already?

Via Vintage Ads via Captain Geoffrey Spaulding

Cesar and I have lived together essentially since the day we met.  Granted our kitchenwares are a mish mash of target, thrift store, and gilt finds.  But we’re not starting a home from scratch after our wedding day.  The second issue is one of style: while there are some good designs to be found at your standard registry options, we tend toward an aesthetic that can’t always be picked up in one stop at Bed Bath and Beyond or William Sonoma.  So what do we do?

Lucky for us, our situation is commonplace these days (the living together pre-ceremony part, anyway), and there are lots of options out there for setting up a non-traditional registry.  There are now resources to tactfully register for monetary gifts that you can apply to your post-ceremony travels, such as Traveler’s Joy and Honey Fund.  And My Registry allows you to surf the web and register for any item anywhere, in addition to setting up funds for whatever you desire, including large ticket items so no single guest need put up an inordinate amount of cash for a your pricier gifts.  We’ve opted for My Registry, as it seems to cover all the bases.

Now the fun part is figuring out what goes on the list!

A silly frenchie door mat?

Dinosaur bookends?

Something in my default color?

A bridal toaster will not be on the list.  Although a space-agey one might be.


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