One year ago …

March 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

Whilst shopping at Beacon’s Closet in search of dresses to wear to any number of the upcoming 2011 weddings we’ll be attending, it dawned on me that one year ago today, Cesar asked me to marry him in our Takamatsu hotel room.

I will always remember what was on TV that morning. Stretchy Power defeating the evil(?) pepper headed man.

This guy is Stretchy Power, sent to educate school children about the power of stretching, I guess.

He presented me with that little silver heart shaped box I’d won in a claw machine, which he’d stealthily nabbed from my dad and filled with an amazing and surprising Brooklyn crafted ring.  And while I wear that ring on my right middle finger, it is no less my engagement ring than the one we picked out together to place on my left ring finger.  We talk all the time about how fast time has gone, and at the same time, how slowly.  How it’s possible to feel both sentiments of, “It’s already been a year?!” and, “Has it really only been a year?!”

And now it dawns on me that our wedding is exactly six months from yesterday!  Wowzers!  How 18 months can reduce to 6 months in the blink of an eye is beyond me!  I guess it was all that fun we’ve been having (with a healthy dose of hard work to really help time escape us)!  We are in good shape, though.  With the venue, photographer, clothing, and caterer covered, the last big things to figure out are the music, cake/cupcakes, and invitations.

We’re considering Sugar Sweet Sunshine for the cupcakes and plan on designing the invitations ourselves.  But does anyone in the New York City area have good suggestions for either a band or dj?

I am also dying for a 6" Momofuku cake for us to cut. This one is so attractive!


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