Mika Viikko! (What a Week!)

May 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

The McCabe-Arredondo-B.Chomper household is back together in Bushwick.  If you were unaware that we were apart, I must not have told you that Cesar and I spent my birthday week in Helsinki while Brutus lived it up at doggie daycare in Williamsburg.

The big joke around the house regarding this trip has been that Cesar and I will have both spent our most recent birthdays working in Finland on a Hashimoto installation.  But being the lucky gal that I am, the installation was finished ahead of schedule this time around, and I got to enjoy my day with my wonderful dude and a room full of art collectors.  My workload on this project was also infinitely lighter than Cesar’s was last September and I feel privileged to say I got to help out.

In fact, the entire Helsinki experience was a privilege!  The most incredible and far-fetched highlights included attending a cocktail party in a house filled with priceless art and famously designed Finnish home goods (and later seeing the same furniture and glassware on display in the Finnish design museum), eating raspberry macarons, drinking Veuve Clicquot champagne like it’s no big thing, and meeting the CEO of Marimekko.  I spent a lot of time sneaking iphone photos of the extravagancies I came across.  Here are just a few of them:

huge series of hummingbird paintings filling a two story wall

scrumptious cocktail foods: tandoori chicken in yogurt, gazpacho, shrimp and sushi cups, the list goes on

beautiful desserts!

heaven is a raspberry macaron

current Marimekko collection on display at the Design Museum

80s Marimekko and vintage prints in the background

more from the Finnish Design Museum

The glowing orb in the center of that last photo is a chair that is near and dear to my heart (it is not actually glowing, but the iphone interpreted the spotlight’s reflection that way).  The Bear Valley Public Library had a handful of these chairs in the children’s section when I was very young.  I loved sitting, rocking, and spinning in one of those orange chairs and pretending it was a giant M&M.  If I had known they were of a design that would later be found in museums, I would have begged to buy one from the library when it underwent a renovation in the mid to late 90s, after which my M&M chairs disappeared.

The last noteworthy experience was being waved to vigorously through a window by a Finnish woman who clearly thought she knew me.  The recognition in her eyes was unmistakeable, until I walked into the cafe where she was sitting and she realized her mistake, turning away quickly with embarrassment.  I mention this because it means I have a doppelganger roaming the streets of Helsinki.  So if you travel there, and think you see me, don’t wave to me too eagerly because you will likely be greeted by a befuddled expression.


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