My feet will miss Finland

May 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

During our week in Helsinki, we largely experienced an area akin to 5th Avenue: the Esplinade.  A stretch of luxury shopping with a grassy center, the Esplinade is flanked by a second block of slightly more affordable shopping.  This is where I did most of my perusing and where I discovered my love for Finnish shoe departments.  Two things stood out to me about these departments.  1) Each shoe style is displayed with all the sizes lined up on the shelf and there are no boxes to be seen, giving a clean and regimented appearance and making the shoes more readily accessible to eager shoppers.  2) The style  and aesthetic I found popping up repeatedly from store to store and across brands appeals to me far more than most brands available in the States.  A little more whimsical and quirky with pops of color that are a little hard to find right now amidst the current nude and neutral trends.  Shoe departments of Finland, I will miss you dearly.

Shoes 1,2 and 4 are Vagabond.  #3 is Dinsko.  If anybody knows of these ladies’ availability Stateside, I would love to be clued in!  I would have purchased more in Helsinki, but my wallet could only take so much, given the weakness of the dollar these days.


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