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June 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Eleven weeks out from the wedding, I’m working hard on invitations and having nightly dreams about day-of dilemmas.  The two most recent dreams: 1) just before the ceremony I remember suddenly that I was married once before (not true for anyone who’s unsure) and forgot to tell anybody, 2) just after the ceremony I realize we never picked up the marriage license and our marriage is not yet official.  There was also the day-before-wedding-realization-that-nothing-has-been-planed dream and the forgot-all-the-flowers-I-spent-a-year-making dream.

Of course my conscious brain knows that on the day of the wedding, we will undoubtedly forget something, many things won’t go as planned, and it won’t matter one iota.  But you try telling my unconscious brain and I’m sure it will mouth off to you and pout in the corner.  I know because I’ve tried and this is the response I’ve gotten.

The good news is that regardless of the imaginary roadblocks in these dream scenarios, the rest of the wedding always looks great.  Also dreamy?  These wedding snapshots from around the web:

photo by Arrow & Apple

photo by Jagger Photography

photos by Kate Headley


The Final Sixth

June 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Cesar and I are about to enter into our last three months of engaged life, which means it’s time to buckle down and get the last few projects under way.  Time for the real art to happen.  One element we can check off the list is engagement photos.  Perhaps they should have been taken in any one of the previous fourteen months since the proposal, but we like to buck convention.  So Friday afternoon, we threw on a pair of plastic animal masks (the two most expressive I could find at Halloween Adventure) and took a stroll around Williamsburg with Liesl from Photo Pink.  We had a blast and even got to see a Sneak Peek of the shoot before the clock struck midnight.  It is going to be hard to wait patiently until we can see what else she captured, but I have a feeling it will be beyond worth it!

Next on the list: homemade invitations.  The mock-up has been ready for months, whispering gently but persistently to me in my sleep: “We’re ready to be made … Stop taking on more work and pay attention to us, please …”  Time to heed the mock-up.

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