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July 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

To brief you on what’s going on in my head: the wedding is exactly 45 days away, the New York air is hot soup, I haven’t had a haircut in nearly a year, and I can’t stop thinking about the possibilities for my wedding day hair and makeup.  Now I can definitely find something to spend money on any time I step into a Sephora, but I’ve never been much of a makeup wearer beyond a daily dusting of Bare Esentuals mineral foundation (mascara if I’m working, and eyeliner if I’m feeling adventurous).  As a redhead who spent my formative makeup years abiding by my Catholic school’s rules, I did not spend time figuring out what works with my skin and hair in the years when it was absolutely okay to go overboard with makeup experimentation.  I realize I can still get away with experimentation, but living in one of the world’s most stylish cities creates inner conflict for me: yes, outrageous makeup is a totally acceptable form of self expression, but the skill with which New York women execute their daily do is a little intimidating for near nudists like myself.  So the task of figuring out a look that will be forever preserved in our wedding photos has been on my mind a lot.

I have turned once again to the blogosphere for instructions, and I have found two blogs to be indispensable resources: Keiko Lynn’s blog and The Beauty Department.  Keiko Lynn is a Brooklyn designer who fills her blog with photos of whimsically styled outfits and, more importantly, hair and makeup tutorials.  She has tons of great ideas, my favorite of which is to use tape to create crisply bordered eye shadow.  It also works to achieve perfectly winged eyeliner.  Awesome.

The Beauty Department belongs to Loren Conrad and friends, which stirred up skepticism in me at first (I tend to be a little critical of MTV spawned personalities), but the ladies know what they are doing and they present their combined beauty knowledge in a well edited and searchable format.  Plus, they have lots of ideas for totally wedding appropriate hairstyles, similar to the dos that have been popping up all over the web in styled photos for product lines like  I’ve been an avid hair-player-wither since I’ve had hair to play with, so I refuse to pay someone else to do my updos, even on my wedding day.  And while it’s pretty easy for me to figure out styles like this topknot, I like seeing what products and tricks they use to get the style photo ready.

via The Beauty Department



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§ 2 Responses to Hair and Makeup

  • Jess says:

    We’re getting married on the same day (holy crap that’s 45 days from now?!) And that’s basically how I’m doing my hair.

    • Julie McCabe says:

      45 days is being generous, too! I counted today and the wedding day. I’m notorious for rounding up, especially when someone asks me the time. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad habit.

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