Nothin’ quite like it

September 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s official decompression time: we’re home from the honeymoon, Brutus napping beside us after his raucous week at doggy day care.  The photos and videos posted by Must Luv Dogs would suggest he didn’t miss us at all!

Our wedding day is one week behind us, but we haven’t stopped talking about how great it was, for us and our guests alike.  We’re itching to see photos of all the moments our guests experienced that we did not (and to see a little bit of ourselves, if I’m being honest!).

It’s silly to write in too much detail without visuals, like watching a play at a school you don’t attend: all the inside references are lost on the masses and the audience just walks away mad.  Until the photos come, though, we have our very own cinemagraph to  stare at!  Cesar and I have seen lots of these around the web and have been fascinated by them.  We were thrilled that Photo Pink chose us for their first cinemagraph experiment and were beyond excited when our iPhones buzzed in San Francisco, notifying us that we could see the final product!  Check it out!




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