It’s a new name

Hello, all-but-abandoned blog!  Today I get to reintroduce myself to the blogosphere as Julie Arredondo!  I know I’ve been gone for quite some time, but it’s because the real art of our Artful Wedding demanded my full attention for the last few weeks and ultimately left me no time for documentation.

Our wedding festivities were so far beyond my expectations, and the amount of love and generosity we felt from the friends and family that traveled from far and wide to celebrate with us was unfathomable!!  Every piece of the day that had spent a year and a half germinating in my brain, and which I was sure I hadn’t sufficiently communicated to anyone else, happened so perfectly that I feel like I must think in the form of visible thought bubbles.  How else could everyone involved have honed in on our concept and personalities so precisely?  The most incredible aspect of the day was witnessing the Arredondos and the McCabes working together and with our awesome friends in perfect harmony, and all for us!  Without them tying bows and knots, finishing favors, making ice runs, and enjoying one another’s company, we would not have been able to relax and experience our wedding day as the world’s greatest party.

We also had superb vendors and an extra special pair of musicians who performed for our ceremony.  Dan and Nick of Es Muss Sein Quartet are responsible for setting the tone of the day for our guests and we could not have had a better response from everyone in attendance on the effectiveness of their material.  Everyone should be so lucky to have such talent pop into their lives.  And I will remember and talk about walking down the aisle to their composition until the day I die.  They really gave us an incredible experience that we’ll relive for a lifetime.  Check them out here and here.


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